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2018 Reserve Chardonnay

2018 Reserve Chardonnay
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Inspired by the Honey Bee and Jupiter

FABLE 163: A Queen Bee journeyed to Mount Olympus, to offer Jupiter a pot of her hive's finest honey. Delighted with her gift, Jupiter promised to grant any reqquest she desired. "give me a sting," she replied. "So that if any mortal attempts to steal my honey, I may kill him." Jupiter loved mankind, and was disappointed by the Bee's spiteful wish. "You may have your request," he answered, "but when you strike another, you will leave your sting behind, and it will cost you your life." Evil wishes, like chickens, come home to roost.

Wine Specs
Vineyard Designation
Arroyo Grande AVA
18 Months; 15% New French Oak, 85% Neutral
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
While tasting, look for notes of wet concrete, granny smith apple and Watkins Pure Vanilla.
Vineyard Notes
Winemaker Notes
The base for our Chardonnay program has historically been the Coquina Vineyard in the Arroyo Grande Valley. Just a few miles past Lake Lopez on super sandy ground lies the Coquina. Named after the Spanish term for shellfish, the old ocean bottom ground is amazing for a more refined Chardonnay. We pick this lot solely on the acidity level of the grapes. If we can nail the natural acidity down in the wine, we end up with the perfect balance of minerality and fruit.
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