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2018 Reserve Syrah

2018 Reserve Syrah
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The tail of the Beaver was once thought to be of use as a medicine, and the poor creature found themselves being pursued relentlessly for it. Upon being chased by a Dog, a clever Beaver found himself out of breath, nearly unable to escape.

His options limited, the Beaver threw it at the hunting Dog and scurried away with his life.

Sometimes a small sacrifice results in a greater good.

Wine Specs
Vineyard Designation
Santa Barbara AVA
18 Months, 100% Neutral French Oak
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
While tasting, look for ripe plums, designer leather and a generous amount of fresh ground black pepper.
Vineyard Notes
White Hawk Vineyards
Winemaker Notes
It amazes me how adversarial some wineries are with their vineyard owners. I always have told myself if I go into the vineyard and get the desire to change how the vineyard manager is running it, it probably wasn’t the right spot in the first place. These folks know the properties better than I do. They spend their forty hours a week micro managing every single grapevine. One nice thing that has come out of this is the vineyard managers typically like to work with the Fableist. We are low maintenance and really respect their work. That leads to us being the first call from time to time with little micro lots of some of their best fruit that they have extra on come harvest day. That such thing happened when we scored a few boxes of Syrah from the White Hawk vineyard that’s typically contracted to some of California’s most cult collector wines. The few rows that were extra turned into 4 special barrels of Syrah that we put together for you.
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