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2020 Reserve Pinot Noir

2020 Reserve Pinot Noir
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A studious Silkworm worked quietly on her Shroud, as her neighbor Spider rushed to finish a vast, thing web. Looking down with haughty contempt, the Spider sneered, "Look how much I have accomplished, beginning just this morning, while you have barely anything to show."

Calmly the Silkworm replied, "But your labors are destroyed as soon as they are seen, swept away as quickly as dirt. While mine will be preserved for the ages and worn by Princes."

True art is thoughtful, delights and endures.

Wine Specs
Vineyard Designation
Central Coast AVA
18 Months, 100% Second Fill French Oak
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
While tasting, look for bing cherries, black truffles and just a bit of big red gum.
Vineyard Notes
20% Costa de Oro, 20% Jack Creek, 20% Quinta del Mar, 20% Talley Rincon, 20% Spanish Springs
Winemaker Notes
The Pinot Noir boom in California over the past 15 years has been an amazing ride. We have more Pinot Noir planted in the central coast than anything else at this point. That has given us a lot to choose from for vineyard sites that can really bring unique nuances to the final wines. For the reserve cuvee, we chose 10 barrels from 5 locations. Two barrels from Jack Creek up on York Mountain, two barrels from Spanish Springs in Pismo Beach, two barrels from Quinta Del Mar on the Nipomo Mesa, two barrels from Costa de Oro in Santa Maria and finally two barrels from Talley’s historic Rincon Vineyard fill out the perfect spice rack.