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Albariño Case

Albariño Case
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100% Albariño

FABLE 426: A tricky fox invited a stork over for dinner, and served him soup in a shallow bowl, knowing the stork’s beak would prevent him from partaking. Later, the stork repaid the favor — he served the fox a meal in a tall, narrow jar. The fox could only lick the outside of the glass and smell the delicious flavors. When the fox became frustrated, the stork reminded him not to play tricks on his neighbor unless he was prepared to face the same.

This fable represents how we want to conduct ourselves in the business of hospitality: treating others the way we want to be treated. We walk the talk of Paso Robles; we’re very blue collar and community-driven. We want the Fableist to feel like we’re welcoming you into our home, rather than being pretentious. At the end of the day, Andrew still spends his time walking vineyards, and Curt is at the winery every day. We aren’t above doing the work.